Ceramic Heaters

Warmth and Affordability in One Package

Experience the Ultimate Comfort with Our Pelonis Ceramic Heaters: A Quick, Affordable, and Efficient Solution for Your Personal Heating Needs. Our ceramic heaters  offer rapid, efficient and focused heating ensuring a warm and secure environment.

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Ceramic Heaters
Fan Heaters

Discover Year-Round Adaptability with Pelonis Fan Heaters

Meet Your Rapid and Flexible Heating Needs with Our Pelonis Fan Heaters: Offering fast spot heating and a fan-only setting, our selective products are designed to provide you with year-round comfort and adaptability.

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Fan Heaters
Oil Filled Heaters

Enjoy Consistent and Efficient Heating

Enjoy efficient heating with Pelonis Oil Filled Heaters: A dependable option for keeping your indoor spaces comfortably warm, especially during the chilly seasons, with a consistent and reliable heating experience.

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Oil Filled Heater
Radiant Heaters

Silent and Effective Heating for Your Living Spaces

Bring Home Intensive and Focused Heating with Our Pelonis Radiant Heaters: Experience rapid warmth at a minimal noise level, ensuring your living spaces are heated efficiently without compromising your peace and quiet.

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Radiant Heaters
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The Pelonis Promise

Safety is and has been our number one priority for over 25 years.